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Question by Justyna
July 14, 2023

Is it possible to print from golabel to other company's printer?

Usha Kumari
Answer by Usha Kumari

Yes, it is possible to print from GoLabel to other company's printers.

Question by Guest
July 21, 2021

I need to share my labels with another user who will have to make changes

Pooja Bajaj
Answer by Pooja Bajaj

Yes, it is possible to share files in an editable way using the GoLabel program for Windows. You can send your labels to another user who can make changes to them.

Question by Eric
February 12, 2017

How can I put 2 barcodes on the same label? I need to pull the barcodes from either 2 different columns on an Excel sheet or from 2 different Excel sheets.

Answer by Alex Urbach

I installed GoLabel and used a sample to see how it works. From what I see when I press the Import option, the software will add the barcode on the file based on the commands given. Therefore, you have to know how to implement those barcodes into the Command Line, and then you can import them into the design area. You can have as many as the design area allows.

To read about Excel database, access the built-in Help file using other GoLabel Online Help (ignore the Online word because it opens from a local source).

Question by Guest
August 28, 2020

Ladies and Gentlemen,
I got a RT730i printer and use labels with gabs. After reset printer server or switch on the printer the first label is printed in the center of the first two labels.
How do I have to configurate the printer parameters to avoid this effect?
Please advice me.

With kind regards

Christian Heringhaus

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